Home Additions in Wheat Ridge, Morrison, Lakewood, Golden, Arvada, Denver, CO, and Surrounding Areas

Get a Home Addition and add Space to your Place

More Space! We need more space!

This is what we hear from customers when we ask them what they would change about their home. Many times moving to a larger home isn’t an option. Rising housing costs and lack of inventory in their neighborhood means a home addition is the right solution. You are not the first in your neighborhood to consider a home addition and you won’t be the last. A home addition is a large investment but pays off in the quality of living and resale value of your home. Moving is expensive. The costs for moving and the disruption are investments you will never recover. Why not put those resources into your current home you already love?

Home Additions to Fit Your Lifestyle

Everyone’s lives change over time. The houses built 20 years ago or more don’t reflect the modern lifestyle. Nowadays many people live far from family and friends and want a dedicated guest room. Or they work from home and need the office without distractions. And of course, we find homeowners that selected their home based on the original “charm” that unfortunately did not come with the conveniences included with modern housing – large closets, ample bathroom, and hangout space. Here are some of the reasons customers state as to why they decide on home additions when taking on a home improvement project.

  • Expanded kitchen remodeling
  • Expanding or adding a master suite
  • Accommodations for ADA remodeling or aging in place remodeling
  • Adding a guest suite including a private bath
  • Creating an in-law suite
  • Dedicated office space
  • Play or hangout area for kids
  • Adding living space through a pergola and outdoor kitchen
  • Three seasons or sunroom addition
  • More room for expanding household

Selecting the Right General Contractor for Denver, Lakewood, Arvada, Morrison, Wheat Ridge, Golden, CO & Surrounding Areas

If we were your friends or family, we would tell you the most important aspect of your new addition is to choose your general contractor correctly. A home addition is not like a bathroom renovation or kitchen renovation that includes basic esthetics. Your new home addition needs permits, structural engineering, large material delivery, code adherence, subcontractor scheduling, and more. Here are some of the reasons we feel we are the right choice for your new home addition:

  1. We are a construction company. Building structures from the ground up is part of our main line of work. Getting permits and knowing the right building codes for the Denver area is what we do day in and day out.
  2. We are small and personal. Because of our size, you will have on-site management almost every day. This means open lines of communication, quick changes as requested, and knowing the status of your home remodeling at any time.
  3. We have over 35 years of experience. We have been working as a general contractor and a construction company for 35 years throughout Lakewood, Arvada, Morrison, Wheat Ridge, Golden, CO. We know the suppliers, subcontractors, and codes and are ready to put our knowledge to work for you.

Your new addition is an investment for you and your family’s current quality of life. Ensure you have the right general contractor from start to finish. We have references we are willing to provide and are ready to come out for a free estimate and consultation. We look forward to working with you.

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