ADA Remodeling in Arvada, Denver, Golden, Lakewood, Morrison, and Wheat Ridge, CO

This is becoming more and more common, and it just makes sense as well. People want to remodel their Wheat Ridge homes to become compliant with the ADA (ADA remodeling). Perhaps they now have a loved one that is in a wheelchair and they are wanting to make the home more accessible to them, or they might want to sell their house but want to make it more accessible to everyone, so they are remodeling to ADA standards. Whatever your reason is for remodeling your Denver home to be ADA compliant, look no further than Summit Custom Builders to help with the project.

ADA Remodeling in Arvada, Denver, Golden, Lakewood, Morrison, and Wheat Ridge, CODoors and Counters

One of the first things that you’ll probably be looking to remodel is the doorways, and especially the front entryway of your Arvada house. Did you know that the minimum width of the opening for being ADA compliant is 32 inches? That probably seems small, but check out all of your doorways. Odds are that you probably have at least one door that is too narrow. But even then, most people are looking to make things comfortable, not just accessible, so they often opt for doors that are 36 inches wide, if not even wider. While it is only a couple of additional inches, it can mean the difference between just squeezing in and having an easy time navigating the Morrison home.

Once the doors are handled, the next thing that should be addressed is counters. Often, counters are placed on top of cabinets, so those aren’t going to be moving, but what about adding a lower counter for those in a wheelchair? Or, if you already have a counter that doesn’t have a cabinet underneath it, what about making it moveable? There are ways to have a manual or powered counter that moves up and down depending on who is using it. And don’t think this is only for those in a wheelchair, as young children can use it as well.

Bathrooms and Kitchens

When looking to have your Golden home ADA compliant, it’s important to keep the bathroom and kitchen in mind. Keep enough space between things for people to navigate around them. In the bathroom, can you swap out tubs to have one that allows a wheelchair in? Put in comfort height toilets as well. Kitchens can be redesigned as well, such as wall ovens that are placed at a better height. The team at Summit Custom Builders can help make all the needed changes to your Lakewood home.